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Sales Operations Excellence

Power Base® from Holden International

Power Base® Compete Strategy enables sellers to develop insight into competitive must-win deals in a coachable and sustainable way, by making Compete Selling a management science that can be understood and replicated throughout an organization.


   Selling Execution Excellence

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Business Simulations

Build business acumen

Anytime you need to improve financial literacy, create understanding of business operations, or generally enhance on-the-job performance, we have a business simulation to meet your needs.

To date, over 2 million people worldwide have experienced a Celemi business simulation. Most are available in multiple languages


Apples & Oranges Tango Livon

The Power of Learning

The Power of Learning creates the conditions, relevant activities and the learning process necessary to ensure that participants have the understanding and motivation to implement newly acquired insights quickly into their own operations.

A Business Simulation experience is different from any other because it addresses five critical elements necessary to create “transformation agents”— people who will work together to produce the results you want.

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